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Title Long John Silver
Released 1954
Production Year 1954
Director Byron Haskin
Countries of Production Australia
Comments Long John silver's writer Martin Rackin spent about a year creating a logical account of the character's later adventures after his departure in the successful Disney classic Treasure Island. The film was put forward to 20th Century Fox and was accepted so considerable financial backing followed, the new and exciting Cinemascope had just arrived in the world of filming and added to the hype. The film Long John Silver itself wasn't as successful as perceived but what followed was. A television series starring Robert Newton which would later prove responsible to the movement behind more pirate films and even pirates on stage.
Synopsis A sequel to the popular predecessor Treasure Island, Larrikin Pirate Long John Silver returns for an adventure across the British Carribean. Rival pirate Mendoza has stolen the ship containing the Governor's daughter as well as a young friend of Long John Silver's.. Jim Hawkins, Setting out for a rescue there is more to the rescue as first suspected, Long John Silver wants to find treasure along the way
tags: australian film Carribean Cinemascope Long John Silver Mendoza Offshore Production Pirate Robert Louis Stevenson Robert Newton Treasure Island 
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