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Reference Type web
Title Classic Aust. Television: The Adventures of Long John Silver
Chapter/Web article title The Adventures of Long John Silver
Author(s)Don Storey
Editor(s)Don Storey
State New South Wales
Country Australia
Publication Date 00-00-2008
Citation Date 06-05-2012
Site URL
Comments The website contains a vast amount of knowledge revolving around the successful children's television show 'The Adventures of Long John Silver' which was created after the 1954 film 'Long John Silver'was produced. The site follows in basic chronological order of the show and how it began and faired on Australian television. It was the first television show produced in Australia where its foundations lay in the film which is said within this site to be the first film created with Cinemascope in Australia, a new exciting upgrade to filming. The likes of Producer Joe Kaufmann, Director Byron Haskin, Actor Robert Newton and writer Martin Rackin formed Treasure Island pictures, it was this core group that went on to ultimately create the whole Long John silver film and Television series. The website includes all information of the cast members and success of the show overseas prior to its showing in Australia, the author adds that it is somewhat ironic that this should be Australia's first television series, as pirate adventure had nothing to do with Australia's history, and television had not yet commenced here - the series could have been filmed anywhere. It was in effect a ‘crossover’ of the 1950’s Australian film industry to television. (Most Australian films of the 1950's were produced by overseas companies - it was television, and in particular the series Homicide, which later provided a foundation for the revival of the Australian feature film industry in the 1970’s, following it’s virtual standstill in the early 60’s).
Synopsis The website is an abundance of knowledge for the topic at hand, which stems from the Long John Silver film all the way through to the start of television in Australia and the boom of other success in Australian television and cinema. The reference here is intended for audiences whom seek information about the history of Australian film and Tv, the author is quite obviously an expert and shares a keen interest in its history. This information could be used in a number of ways in particular writings on society and thier views of the ausralian television show Long John Silver and how it 'kickstarted' the television and filming industry. The quality of this article is demonstrated by how it explains a lot about a topic unknown to most, it is succinct and informative.
tags: australian film Film Industry Long John Silver Treasure Island 
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