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Reference Type web
Title Signs of the Time: Pirates in Popular Culture
Chapter/Web article title Arrrr! Pirates invading pop culture
Author(s)Associated Press
Town Los Angeles
State Unknown
Country United States of America
Publication Date 05-08-2007
Citation Date
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Comments The Associated Press writes on the hype surrounding the pirate as a concept and how it has changed dramatically overtime, lost all its fear and alternate motivations from what the pirate once was. The iconic skull and crossbones, once a sign of danger, poison and trouble has turned into something used in all types of fashion products and even on a Hello Kitty plush toy. Vince Klaseus senior Vice President of Disney Consumer Products says "You now see first graders wearing it". Stars Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp of the highly successful pirate film franchise Pirates of the Caribbean both acknowledge the change themselves "Fashion went Pirate-y because of the Pirate films".

Although this change seems to be happening now, the skull and crossbones have been a popular sign for decades, starting from the early pirate films moving towards bikers, rockstars, skateboarders and goths. Marketing consultant Ryan Schinman says "Designers took the lead and Disney did a great job of exploiting it". The article draws attention from people interested in the movements the 'pirate' on film and in the media have effected society, where particular motifs like the skull and crossbones has lost all its credibility in one way and gain a whole lot more in another. The pirate in popular culture is very prominent and it is proven by merchandise, continuous films and even food made in the image of the pirate.
Synopsis The article is important towards understanding of society and their take on the pirate in popular culture by means of the films pirates of the Caribbean and other pirate movies. This website shows a considerable amount of influence the pirate as well as its motifs have transformed over time. The importance of this towards the proposal that Long John silver catapulted the pirate in popular culture is that this here is substantial evidence that the influence from that of Long John Silver in Australia and the film industry has digressed and expanded to that of a global scale.
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