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Reference Type book
Title Oxford Australian Film: Long John Silver
Author(s)Brian McFarlane
Editor(s)Geoff Mayer,Ina Bettrand
State Unknown
Country Australia
Publication Date 00-00-1999
Citation Date
Comments The Oxford Australian Film is an important book that includes basically anything and everything about any facet of Australian film. The particular review of Long John silver explains where it was produced and when, involving whom as well as (to some extent) what equipment, there is mention of where the film was shot which was near Sydney at the Jenolan Caves.The film's music is composed by David Buttolph and played by the Sydney symphony Orchestra. The success of the film was described as "self-destructive" and the future looked bleak. It eventuated after the films creation into a relatively successful TV series that catapulted the genre into popular culture. The films release in the U.S produced disappointing results and further Australian productions by Joe Kaufman were abandoned. The text is intended to be for people interested in the film's success or lack there of, also gives a thorough overview which would prove handy for anyone wanting to watch or critically write about it. The information itself can be used towards finding a foundation for how the film helped to catapult the pirate in popular culture. Although critics were unkind to the film mostly caused by Robert Newton's uncontrolled mannerisms, the film endured and episodes and B-grade films were made. The "Blackbeard" character continues to be mentioned in all types of media and is a strong character that although thought of by certain reviewers actor Robert Newton destroyed, time itself has thought otherwise.
Synopsis A thorough review and informative write up of the 1954 Australian film Long John silver. Includes the mention of venues around Australia and the musical crew involved. There is tribute towards the advantage of using Cinemascope for the film which are basically the use of imported cameras as well as a detailed critical review of the film and its acting. Relatively Negative, although also mentions he success after the film ie. The Television series and other pirate related films. The quality of this piece is fundamental to achieving a background of the film, the piece is written in a reliable and popular book for Australian film reviews.
tags: Blackbeard Cinemascope Joe Kaufman Oxford Australian film Pagewood Studios Review Long John Silver 
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