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AFI research collection
Reference Type journal
Title Cinema Record 40
Author(s)Ken Newell
Issue No. 40 - Edition 2
State VIC
Country Australia
Publication Date 00-00-2003
Citation Date
Page Number 24-28
Comments Ken Newell tells in his article about the Argosy/Capri Theatre in Murrumbeena. He talks about his work in the theatre and about the technic used in the cinema.

The article describes exactly the technic in use, for example loudspeakers, dimmers and the projectors. And it also says something about the operation techniques.

The Argosy was screened on Friday and Saturday nights at 7.45 and an extra show for children was offered. Newell describes the process how a film was shown at this time accurately.

Furthermore, the article gives a great overview about the main facts of the Argosy, for example the lessees, film distributor and some important dates.

There are some graphics for a better visualisation of the Argosy. There is also a graphic from the plan of seating. The plan shows for example where the kitchen, the entrance, the stage was. With the written text and the photos you get a detailed visualisation of The Argosy Theatre.

Additionally, the article makes the differences clear between a cinema at these days and a cinema in the year 1940.

(Melissa Lorz)
tags: Argosy Capri 
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