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NameVillage Roadshow Limited
Town Melbourne
Country Australia
State VIC
Comments On the 27th of March 2012 the cost of Village Roadshow’s shares were $12 each, this highly successful corporation began as an idea. It was George Kirby’s grand plan to move his family out of the Automotive Business and into the Cinema Business. However this plan spiraled into something much larger. The Kirby family became well known, through the buying and selling of theatres within the Melbourne/ Victorian region. It was through there first hand experiences that they became well informed and educated in all things cinema related. Their knowledge gave them the ambition to leap at business deals that looked to create growth. It is this story of corporate expansion; the corporate climb, the Kirby family embarked on which makes their story so very fascinating. Roc Kirby had just returned after a stint in the Army, when his father George had decided on the industry move, a change into Cinema. It was Roc’s strength and determination that offered something his father couldn’t. Roc was able to stand up for his family; he had aspirations that turned Kirby Theatres PTY LTD into something far greater. The Kirby’s began to be a big fish in a small pond. They were no longer just any piece of the puzzle, they were becoming the important piece. This important piece of the puzzle was someone companies would fear. It was competing cinemas, like Hoyts that began to truly see how far the Kirby’s could take their cinemas. George Griffiths, an integral part of Hoyts revealed their fear in the Kirby name. He tried to stop their growth, demanding that they not be distributed to. Meaning their cinemas, namely the Roxy would have nothing (no films) to show. Today the Kirby family is still heavily in the cinema business. After many business deals later and a large quota of growth they now own Village Roadshow Limited. Roc Kirby founded this business move, however he sadly passed in 2008. His two children John and Robert lead the company on the board of directors, acting as chairman and Executive Directors. The company now has many fascists to its name, Film distribution, Cinema complexes, Theme Parks, Music and Radio. The Kirby family has managed to cultivate into something George Kirby could only have dreamed of. It is this journey, the Kirby’s life story that stands as an inspiration for all who wish to dream.

tags: 20th Century Fox 3FM Alan Finney Aus Stereo Casanova '70 George Kirby Graham Burke Kirby Theatres PTY LTD Roc Kirby The Roxy Maidstone Wintergarden Cinema Parkdale 
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