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Reference Type Cinema Record journal
Title Hoyts New Glenhuntly
Author(s)Brian Miller,Gerry Kennedy
Issue 26
State VIC
Country Australia
Publication Date 00-11-1999
Citation Date
Page Number 8-12
Synopsis Gerry Kennedy and Brian Miller review the Hoyts New Glenhuntly. The New Glenhuntly opened in October 1926, with a seating capacity of 1254. Both go into great detail about the architecture of the Spanish themed theatre. The New Glenhuntly was the first theatre built after Hoyts became incorporated in 1926. Fire damaged the New Glenhuntly in 1942. An army of Hoyts employees were mobilised to clean up and repair. Although the silver-lining of the fire was that the New Glenhuntly had a re-grand opening in the community. The close proximity of the New Glenhuntly to Caulfield Racecourse, made it a large and popular part of the equestrian community.

The New Glenhuntly closed it's doors in 1959, three years after television was introduced in Melbourne. It was first converted into squash courts. In 1976 it made way for a Safeway supermarket, which now occupies the site.

tags: Brian Miller Hoyts  New Glenhuntly Spanish themed 
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