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Title Lucky Miles
Released 2007
Production Year 2006
Director Michael Rowland
Countries of Production Australia
Comments Lucky Miles (2007) is a comedy/drama film set in 1990 that explores the issue of refugees with a lighthearted and comedic tone. On it's release in 2007 it was a hit with critics, receiving many awards including the Audience Award for Best Film at the Sydney Film Festival. It went on to make an estimated $678,110 at the Australian box office and receive praise from critics worldwide. It is currently available on DVD from Madman Films.
Synopsis It's 1990 and an Indonesian fishing boat abandons Iraqi and Cambodian refugees in a remote part of Western Australia. While most are quickly caught by officials, three men with nothing in common but their misfortune and determination escape arrest and begin an epic journey into the heart of Australia. Pursued by an army reservist unit, our three heroes wander deeper into the desert, desperately searching for a Western-style democracy amongst the stones of the Pilbara. A film about distance, difference and dud maps.
tags: 2007 comedy Drama Lucky Lucky Miles Michael Rowland Miles Refugee 
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