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Reference Type picture
Title External views of The Agora
Town Bundoora
State VIC
Country Australia
Publication Date 00-00-1970
Citation Date
Comments This photo shows two external views of The Agora, dated back to the 1970’s. Photos such as this cannot be found anywhere else other than with the selection of Agora documents in Michael Torney’s office at LaTrobe, Bundoora. This photo is now available online via the URL given above.

The photo is just another addition to the story of how The Agora developed in the 1970’s and 1980’s. The tree in the picture is today known as ‘the meeting place’ and students often gather around this courtyard for various meetings, to study or to relax.

This is a reliable and useful resource and can add discussion in the field as to how The Agora developed from the 1970’s to today, when compared with photos taken today.

This photo can be used for research on The Agora and also research on LaTrobe University in general. Potentially it can offer an argument as to whether The Agora was built in the most appropriate position, also when compared with the minutes from Union meetings it can be seen if they followed the original plans or not.

Synopsis Photo found in photo album in Michael Torney's office. There were several other photos of the external views and one of the opening night of a crowded room.

This particular photo of the external views is now available online, via:!190

tags: LaTrobe Michael Torney Photos of The Agora The Agora The meeting place 
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