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Reference Type newspaper
Title Rank makes first major Aussie deal on 'BAndits' pickup
Author(s)Greg Bright
State Unknown
Country United States of America
Publication Date 21-11-1983
Citation Date
Page Number 52
Comments Definitely an article aimed at those interested in the upcoming distribution of Australian films, especially those keen on seeing Aussie films breaking into international markets. The article focuses heavily on the intended distribution for BMX Bandits, which it claims has been snapped up by the British distribution company, Rank. In fact, BMX Bandits will be the first australian film to be taken under it's wing by Rank, estimated to see it's way through over 65 cinemas in the UK. This highlights a pretty big mile stone for distribution in the Australian film industry. The article nails it's intended subject with ease, including a detailed analysis of the desired distribution of the film in the Uk as well as a predicted deal being worked out with American distributors. The article ends with a sign of from the films producer, Tom Broadbridge, putting forth his confidence in the film making an easy return on it's production budget, this aids the article in it's credibility, serving as a nice little send off for the article.
Synopsis This article focuses predominately on the distribution of the film BMX Bandits. It discusses such distribution possibilities as: the film moving throughout the UK under Rank distributors, the films potential in an American market, negotiations with French, Italian and German distributors and finally a predicted travel path for the cinemas in Australia. The article is capped off with a quote from the films producer, Tom Broadbridge, who confidently speculates the film will turn over an amble revenue.
tags: BMX Bandits Film Distribution  Rank Tom Broadbridge  
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