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Reference Type Unknown
Title Jon Hewitt on BLOODLUST
Author(s)Tristan Bancks
Issue 141
State Unknown
Country Australia
Publication Date 01-06-2004
Citation Date
Page Number 142
Comments This 3 page feature contains lot's of information. The piece holds formal opinions and recounts from Hewitt. The feature is broken up into 3 distinct parts. It begins with 'The early days' which is where Hewitt's film origins and history in the industry are discusses. His choice of medium and even his upbringing and reference to his dark nature are also mention. This section is quiet enlightening, but holds not too much new information. The second section is entitled 'Bloodlust' which is where Hewitt's intention for the film and the film in general are discussed in a critical light by both Hewitt and the journalist. Hewitt's preference to work with smaller crews is brought to light, and the very small budget for 'Bloodlust' is also mentioned, which is quiet an interesting fact to note. The last section is entitled 'Lessons learned' this section addresses what Hewitt has gained from his first feature film. This piece i found to be very in depth and a great resource for me and anybody else who is studying the works of Jon Hewitt.
tags: Bloodlust Jon Hewitt 
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