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Name Damian Pitt
Birth Year 0000
Death Year 0000
Country Australia
Comments Damian Pitt is an Australian artist and actor. Pitt made his acting debut in Ivan Sen’s debut feature film Beneath Clouds, as the lead male character Vaughn, who is a troubled teenager who has escaped from a juvenile detention centre to go to Sydney to visit his sick dying mother.

To cast Vaughn, the director Ivan Sen, was in search for someone who could express sensitivity beneath a strong exterior which is the jist of Vaughn's character. Sen found Pitt in a group of 20 youths in the streets of Moree, and Sen says that 'As soon as he came over and started talking, it was the voice' that he was looking for. Like Danielle Hall who plays Lena, Pitt had no acting experience before the film.

Since finishing filming Pitt returned to Moree, where he was visiting local schools to talk about his involvement in the film and the experience that he had in the industry. He feels honoured to have the privilege of talking to youths to inspire them to achieve more than they think they could.

Pitt is a budding artist who to this day continues to ponder what he wants to do for his future. He currently lives with his wife and their son, who was also named Damian.
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