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Name Dannielle Hall
Birth Year 0000
Death Year 0000
Country Australia
Comments Dannielle Hall is an actress who comes from Wee Waa, Australia's cotton capital. She has an Aboriginal mother and an Anglo father, who split up when she was very young. Raised by her mother in a large and extended family, Hall enjoys the company of both Aboriginal and 'White' communities.

She made her debut in a feature film directed by Ivan Sen, titled Beneath Clouds, playing Lena, who is a young girl who is conflicted about her identity, who leaves her home in search of her father who lives and works in Sydney.

Beneath Clouds was Hall's first feature film and she did not have any previous experience, and not taken even one acting class. Ivan Sen was attracted to her raw talent and saw alot of potential in her. She fit the role perfectly because she too was of mixed race, 'of two bloods but feels only one',just like Lena, who had fair skin and blue eyes.

At the time when Sen approached her and ran lines with her, Hall was just 17 and about to sit her HSC at her high school, Wee Waa High. Sen thought the lines came so naturally to Lena, who responded very well to direction and the words her own. She was then cast to play Lena, and received critical acclaim for her role as the troubled teenager in the film. Hall was also nominated for an AFI award in the category of Best Actress, and also won an Award at the Berlin Film Festival.

Funnily enough, Hall was not very satisfied with her performance despite all the uproad about her, including Ivan Sen's praise of her, and she has since been discouraged from the acting world. She has not since starred in many other projects, residing in her country hometown with her family in Wee Waa.

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