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Reference Type Films & Filming journal
Title The Villain of the Piece - Making Long John Silver
Author(s)Ivan Pattinson
Volume 1
Issue 4
Town London
State Unknown
Country England
Publication Date 00-01-1955
Citation Date
Page Number 6-7
Comments Making Long john Silver, an article authored by Ivan Pattinson delves deep into the production, during and after it is released. It explains the Story of the film, the adversities faced throughout the process of making the film, props, stages and all other facets of the production used to make Long john silver. Ivan dives right into the on screen mastery of lead actor in Long John Silver, Robert Newton and his ability to harness the true villainous and skulduggery traits that a villain on screen must possess. A key part of the article that could be instrumental in the way the film supported the pirate in popular culture or maybe the complete opposite especially in Australia could be the section in which Australia is seen as lacking in filming prowess. Joe Kaufman, producer of Long John Silver explains that it was a tough job making the film in Australia because "few feature films have been made in Australia the country lacks trained film technicians and actors trained in cinematography". This information can be helpful in determining the adversities Australians faced in order to make it big in the filming industry. Long John Silver was a feature film in Australia that could have been a Genesis of things to come.

The audiences whom would be interested in this piece would be that who are interested in the beginning of Australian cinema, from a "lacking" country to a fully bona fide nation wide filming organisation.
Synopsis The write up as part of the Film and Filming Journals depicts the process in which Long John Silver had been just to thought to the finished product screening around the world. The first section is an interview with the Producer Joe Kaufman with which he explains the beginning of the script, the conjuring of the team in charge of the film to then going through the problems that needed to overcome and finally the acknowledgement of everyone involved. The cover story, written by Ivan Pattinson titled "The Villain of the story" pays tribute to the full-blooded acting of Robert Newton, going through a life story of success which come to fruition after the he was cast as the character of Long John Silver.
tags: 20th Century Fox Australian cinema australian film Films and Filming Long John Silver Pirate Production Robert Louis Stevenson Robert Newton Villain 
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