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AFI research collection
Reference Type web
Title CAARP Database
Chapter/Web article title Hoyts Bulleen Venue
State Unknown
Country Australia
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Comments The CAARP database is similar to the Bonza database as it is a comprehensive collection of various data about Australian cinemas/venues, companies and films. It is intended to aid with research by providing general overviews with more detailed referencing for people interested in the film industry. The information can be used for detailed location information on the Hoyts Bulleen, as well as information on capacity and screen numbers.

Also there is and a small collection of references on Hoyts Bulleen, including articles in The Sun newspaper about the protests and issues leading up to the venue opening, and articles in The Film Weekly about the cinema, and website links. There is also information on the Architect/Designer Peter Muller and notes about his involvement in the Hoyts Cinema Centre, Melbourne. Also mentioned are name changes to Doncaster and Hoyts Skyline, and apparent changes in capacity over time.

Probably the most interesting and unique aspect of the site is the Screenings link. There is information on over 2000 screenings that took place at the Hoyts Bulleen, ranging from Thursday the 7th of October, 1971 until Wednesday the 6th of December, 1978. It also includes whether the films were a double bill, and a main or support feature. The full list can be found at, and the films hyperlink to a detailed collection of other screenings that took place and which venues. This aspect of the site is the most unique and seems well researched.

(Justin Sumner).
Synopsis Database on Hoyts Bulleen, with detailed screenings information from 1971-1978, and a list of references.
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