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Reference Type The Argus newspaper
Title More Awards to Members
Town Melbourne
State VIC
Country Australia
Publication Date 20-05-1950
Citation Date
Comments This article is aimed at Argus newspaper readers, as it is an article announcing the winners of the Hoyts suburban theatre competition to see the 15 chapter series of Superman. This rare and special screening would have been the hype of Melbourne in 1950, due to the popularity of the show and the exclusive experience to see the whole series on the big screen.

The Plaza Theatre Essendon was one of the Hoyts suburban theatres to feature this exclusive screening to the competition winners, therefore this article is useful to inform people about the certain films that screened at the cinema during its time.

This competition was exclusive to The Argus newspaper which would have lead to an increase in circulation due to the amount of people wanting to witness the exclusive Superman screening. The article would have helped draw more attention to the local cinemas, such as the Plaza Theatre Essendon, resulting in increasing ticket sales and a higher reputation.

In the early 1900s competitions and special events were held frequently at local cinemas to increase the number of vistors and to inform people about what can be experienced at cinemas.

Synopsis Members of The Argus Superman Club have been chosen to attend the screening of the 15 chapter serial of Superman at a number of Hoyts suburban theatres.
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