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Reference Type web
Title Hoyts Bulleen (Doncaster)
Chapter/Web article title Australian Drive-ins
Author(s)Drive-ins Downunder
State Unknown
Country Australia
Publication Date
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Comments The audience for this site is movie enthusiasts and moviegoers, and also Australians interested in old cinema culture or venues, specifically drive-ins. This website could be used in research of the Hoyts Bulleen, as it provides a fairly detailed overview of the most important aspects and information on the venue.

It is important because it is a good resource of information on the Hoyts Bulleen, and it part of a comprehensive database of similar drive-in venues. It adds a good overview of information and also a discussion of the history of the drive-in from opening to close. It provides the details of capacity, screens and operators.

One of the most useful aspects of the site is its range of images of the venue, ranging from the architecture to captured events and people at the venue. Included are images of the entry sign, the screen and buildings, cars lined up on opening day, two workers with the projectors, and most interestingly a look at the site in its current state (worn down and abandoned).

It offers a useful collection of information, as well as descriptions relating to the atmosphere and unique architecture of the venue. Also discussed are the nearby competition and the issue that it never really performed as well as expected. It also discusses the eventual closure and failed resurrections of the venue.

It offers a nice, general overview of the most important and interesting information about the Hoyts Bulleen.

This is a fairly reliable source, as it is part of a large database and all the information posted seems correct. However, the site is not referenced well and there is a slightly casual feel to the information.

(Justin Sumner)

Synopsis An entry for the Hoyts Bulleen in an Australian drive-in theatre database.
tags: bulleen database drive-in Drive-ins Downunder Hoyts hoyts bulleen 
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