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AFI research collection
Reference Type web
Title Cinema Treasures
Chapter/Web article title Mid City 3 Chinatown Cinemas
Author(s)Patrick Crowley,Ross Melnick,Ken Roe,Michael Zoldessy
Editor(s)Ken Roe
State Unknown
Country USA
Publication Date 00-00-2000
Citation Date
Site URL
Comments Cinema Treasures is a website that introduces movie theatres in the whole world, it guides viewers find many different cinemas in different places very easily. Meanwhile, it provides very comprehensive knowledge of different kinds of cinemas, such as normal theatres, drive-ins, and people can search cinemas with different tags, different countries, status, and functions. In addition, the one unique feature of this website is it provides thousands of photos and tons of videos about theatres, viewers can find more visualized information with it. This website also updates blogs periodically, so viewers can follow the latest information.

Cinema Treasures is categorized very well, to make sure people can find their information easily. Because it is a international cinema website, it provides some international perspectives to analysis and compare cinemas. According to Chinatown Cinema, it is using very objective facts to introduce its data and background. Meanwhile, it provides some photos about the current situation of the cinema, thus can compare with the old photos easily. (Yixiao Li, 2011/12/16)

tags: Chinatown Cinema Cinema Treasures Hoyts Ken Roe Michael Zoldessy Patrick Crowley Ross Melnick 
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