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Reference Type journal
Title 'A temporarily vanished civilisation': Ice cream, confectionary and war time cinema-going.
Author(s)Richard Farmer
Volume 31
Issue 4
State Unknown
Country United Kingdom
Publication Date 00-12-2011
Citation Date
Comments Although this article focuses on cinema going in World War Two in Great Britain, the rationing of any confectionary foods, highlights the same struggle that cinema goers' experienced in Melbourne during the second world war.
Synopsis This article examines the cinema-going experience in Great Britain during World War Two. It also examines how sweets such as chocolates and confectionery foods were rationed as part of austerity measures to fund the war effort. As its title suggests 'the temporary vanishing civilisation', refers to the decline in cinema goers' and confectionary rations during the second world war. Suggesting that the cinema civilisation temporarily disappeared during the World War Two, but does return after the war.
tags: Brian Miller confectionary rations World War Two 
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