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AFI research collection
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Bibliography The Greater Union Story 1910-1985 75 Years Of Cinema In Australia View
tags: Australian cinema Forum Theatre Greater Union 

Bibliography Picture Palaces and Flea-Pits: Eighty Years of Australians at the Pictures View
tags: 70s and 80s AFI Research Collection architecture  

Bibliography Melbourne Architecture View
tags: architecture  Forum Theatre Historical 

Bibliography The Picture Palaces of Melbourne: Revised 2009 Edition View
tags: Australian cinema films Forum Theatre 

Bibliography Trust News: 'Illusions of Grandeur' View
tags: architecture  Australian cinema Forum Theatre 

Bibliography Kino Journal of the Australian Theatre Historical Society: 'Melbourne State' View
tags: architecture  atmospheric Australian cinema 

Bibliography Cinemas of Australia via the USA View
tags: architecture  Australian cinema State Theatre 

Bibliography CAARP: State / Forum / Forum 1 & 2, MelbourneVenue View
tags: Australian cinema Forum Theatre State Theatre 

Bibliography Seraglio falls to that ol’ time religion View
tags: Australian cinema Forum Theatre Historical 

Bibliography Interior Design in the Collection View
tags: architecture  Melbourne City Council State Theatre 


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