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Title Walking on Water
Copyright Title Walking on Water
Released 2002
Production Year 2002
Director Tony Ayres
Countries of Production Australia
Comments 'Walking on Water' is a 2002 Australian psychological drama that delves into the themes of friendship, loss, grief, euthanasia and tenderness. This film is essentially about relationships. The intended audience for this film would be adults. It is rated MA 15 and has themes and images that you most definitely would not let a child watch. The film won five Australian Film Institute Awards and the Teddy award for best feature film at the 2002 Berlin International Film Festival. The film is important as it delves into the sensitive topic of euthanasia and illustrates how people deal with death in different ways. After watching the film one will contemplate their own opinions on euthanasia. The film begins with Gavin's last few days of life, although unspoken one assumes he is dyeing from AIDS, after Gavin's death, we are then taken on a journey with each character and how they deal with the loss of their friend. Walking on Water represents human nature and all of the characters are appear believable, which is why this film may have been so successful. The discussion that could arise from the film is whether or not this film's representation of how real people deal with death is accurate or extreme. The film is beautifully shot and provides us with imagery of water everywhere. We see water in the rain, the pool, the ocean and the shower. The water represents each characters different state of emotion and grief. The film has an authenticity about it that is similar to the Australian film Lantana. It is shot in colour using a 35mm film, but has a faded look to it. Roger Monk wrote this film in such a way that it is very emotional but also reflects Australian humour and heart. Walking on Water won five Australian Film Institute awards and the Teddy award for Best Feature Film at the 2002 Berlin International Film Festival.

Synopsis Gavin is dieing and wants to die at home with the help of his friends and family. After Gavin's passing, each character deals with their lose in a variety of different ways. We see Gavin's friends and family find themselves in a world of jealousy, betrayel, desire and grief.
tags: 2002 Australian Film Australian Film Institute Awards Dealing with death Live and Die Madman Entertainment Maria Theodorakis Porchlight Films Roger Monk Tony Ayres Director Vince Colosimo 
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