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Title Balibo
Copyright Title Balibo
Released 2009
Production Year 2008
Director Robert Connolly
Countries of Production Australia, East Timor
Comments Balibo is a tragic and powerful film at the same time. It gives us the insight of what happened in East Timor and what a nightmare that those five young journalists had to experience. The film create a suspense emotion to the audience with every scene between the journalists and the Indonesian soldiers. The film also gives us the audience Roger East's point of view and how determined he was to conclude the mystery of those five young journalists. It is a deeply moving and dramatic but also intense at the same time
Synopsis Balibo is a film directed by Robert Connoly about a veteran foreign correspondent Roger East and young Jose Ramos - Horta travel to the tiny nation of East Timor. He determined to uncover the truth behind the missing of five young journalists, Greg Shackleton, Gary Cunningham, Malcolm Rennie, Brian Peters and Tony Stewart in 1975
tags: Balibo East Timor 
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