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Title Bastardy
Copyright Title Bastardy
Released 2008
Production Year 0000
Countries of Production Australia
Comments Director Amiel Courtin-Wilson really makes you sympathize with Charles and his struggles. I believe that the film is meant to make the viewer realize how traumatising it was to be a part of the Stolen Generation. Even though Charles is shown throughout the movie doing drugs and robbing people the viewer still manages to feel bad for him. He is shown throughout the film as being very lonely. Charles doesn't think he is robbing anybody, he is convinced that his people were there first. There are also scenes where Charles has powerful monologues about his lack of love growing up.
Synopsis Bastardy is a film about Aboriginal actor Jack Charles. Charles struggles to stay clean and out of trouble. The film is shot over a long period of time because Charles is continuously in and out of jail for burglary. Throughout the film there are positive flashbacks to when Charles was an employed actor, and founded the first Aboriginal Theatre company. The film also exposes how Charles is a member of the Stolen Generation. It shows how lonely Charles is, and how it is difficult for Charles to open up about love. (E.J.H)
tags: Aboriginal Amiel Courtin-Wilson Bastardy Jack Charles loneliness 
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