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Title Three Daring Daughters
Released 1948
Production Year 1948
Comments While this movie was not one of the most successful or famous of its time I believe that it offers useful insight not only into the American film industry but also the mindset of consumers of that time. By studying the characters and the plot it is easy to see where American society, and thus much of the world, was cognitively. Clearly by suggesting that these three girls are daring for seeking out their cruel biological father it is implied that at that time women were largely passive and would rarely take such forward moves as that. Beyond this the fact that it was a musical sheds light on the desires of consumers in late 1940's America. All in all I would argue that this film is worth watching for no other reason than to witness a snapshot in history and thus gain a more well rounded idea of where the film industry was in relation to where it is today. (Catie Davis)
Synopsis Three Daring Daughters is a film about three young girls, Tessa, Illka, and Alix, who embark on an adventure to find their biological father who left them with their mother, Louise, when they were young. In the mean time their overworked and stressed mother goes on a Cuban cruise to relieve some stress in which she meets a man, Jose Iturbi, who is immediately taken by her. Louise attempt to play hard to get but she ends up having the time of her life and returns home with a secret to tell her daughters. Little does she know that the girls have a secret of their own! (Catie Davis)
tags: 1940's American Film Ashburton Civic F.P. Selleck Musical Old Film 
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