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Title Not Quite Hollywood
Released 2008
Production Year 2008
Director Mark Hartley
Countries of Production Australia, United States of America
Comments This film is a laugh and then some! Great if you like trashy films, lots of gore, and nudity.


The documentary allows an overseas market to learn about the history of a famous style of Australian film making during the 1970's- 1990s. The films made during this era were made in blunt terms, to make money. The films used a large amount of violent narratives as this was in popular demand in the Hollywood film industry.

Synopsis Documentary that shows the boom of exploitation cinema in Australia in the 1970s and 1980s.


The documentary focuses upon the exploitation era of Australian cinema but also captures an era of what filmmakers saw as an Australian identity. A marketable larrikin who would be placed in generally lude, violent or ridiculous scenarios.

The documentary is a well researched piece of an analysis of Australian film and how the rest of the view displayed these exploitation films.

tags: documentary ozploitation 
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