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Name Mr. Landa
Birth Year 0000
Death Year 0000
Country Australia
Comments Mr. Landa was the Minister of Planning and Environment; he intervened to stop the conversion of The Mayfair Cinema. He was negotiated with Hoyts Theatres Ltd, the owner of the Mayfair Cinema, to see that no demolition took place pending round-table discussions between all parties involved. He was trying to keep the cinema but the owner decided to demolish. Although the cinema was not operated anymore in that period of time, but Mr. Landa still wanted to keep the cinema because the cinema was a place of many pictures of the golden years of Hollywood in the 1940s and 50s. He believed that it is the last survivor of the city’s Victorian playhouse. It was not a problem to close the cinema, but it is good if the owner could keep the old building or cinemas to show people the old film industry. Mr. Landa provided a number of options to the owner and wanted to keep the cinema, however, the cinema still had to be demolished. (Kylie Pui Yan Yeung)
tags: Hoyts Theatre Ltd The Mayfair Cinema 
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