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Name Valentine (Val) Morgan
Birth Year 0000
Death Year 1952
Country Australia
Comments Val Morgan was born in 1876, however the birth year section above is not allowing 1876 as a date, its says error after I tried to save it.

1896-1953 Val Morgan was usually referred to as Val Morgan the founder and from 1953 until 1966 William V Morgan, Val Morgan’s eldest son, managed the company. 1966 to 1987 the management of all the company’s activities was under the management of Val C. Morgan, the grandson of the founder. In 1987 the family sold its interest into the firm, though the company still continues to provide cinema advertisement to Australia and oversea.

The date of Val Morgan's birth is unknown, however some sources have suggested that his name might represent his birthday: Valentine's day, 14 of February, however is just assumption and there is no actual proof if this is true.

Val Morgan has traded under many different names such as Val Morgan (sole trader), Val Morgan Pty. Ltd., Morgan Advertising Pty. Ltd., Val Morgan & Sons Pty. Ltd., Val Morgan (Aust) Pty. Ltd., and Morgan Swimming Pools Pty. Ltd.

Other Associated activities have included: Morgan Street Directory, Morgan Troedel & Cooper, Acted Screen Ads, Morgan Wheel Ads, and The Alexander Electric Sky Sign. (Brooke-Marie)
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