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Reference Type book
Title A Long road to the small screen: John Hughes and the independant film and video movement in Australia -Thesis
Town Melbourne
State VIC
Country Australia
Publication Date
Citation Date
Comments The highly detailed, analytical study of hughes as a character of major cultral significance in australia provides insight into the development and impact of hughes career as director and film theorist upon contemporary film culture. His significance influence over an ongoing dialect about independant film culture and the forms of documentary presents a complete spectrum of the arguments and theories surrounding these issues, and also indicates from a sociological perspective why and how this information is significant to the growth of an Australan Film Culture. Political phases affecting change to the film industry are chronologically analyzed from a multitude of perspectves, and summarized clearly to illustrate their connection to hughes and the culture of independant film. The Sociological and politcal context surrounding the release of each of hughes films gives a portrayal of the forever changing circumstances faced by independant filmmakersinside the industy, as well as reflecting the profound nature of the themes and issues adressed by hughes over an extended period of time. (Monica.C)
Synopsis A study of the historical, economical and political phases in Australia since the 1970's, and the influence these factors have had on director John Hughes and on an emerging independant film culture, with a particular focus on the docoumentary style. Hughes is exemplified as a founder and contributor in shaping Australian Film Culture into one of individual volition, in conjunction small political/industrial movements, as well as already establshed cultral forces. The detailed analysis of the production process and sociological/political response to each individual project by hughes, as well as interpretions of aesthetics and thematic content, provides a complete overview of the collative relationship Hughes has with the independant film culture as it currently stands. His speculative yet descrete manner of addressing content is nominated as the catalyst for his overall success as an independant filmmaker, in combination with stylized and often unconventional forms. Depicted as an anthropologist for the style and method of counter-culturel filmaking, his films and theories are presented as being indicative of the current state of support for independant projects within Australia. (Monica.C)
tags: Advocacy Films Anthrapology Australian Film Commision Community Entertainment countercuture  documentary documentary countercuture independant funding  Freedom of Speech funding  historical forces idiosyncratic independant sociology speculation Stylized Form volition 
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