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AFI research collection
Reference Type web
Title The Blurb
Chapter/Web article title Walking the walk
Author(s)David Edwards
Editor(s)The Blurb
Issue 22
State Unknown
Country Australia
Publication Date
Citation Date 03-05-2012
Site URL
Comments Walking the Walk is an online interview published on the website ‘The Blurb’ undertaken by David Edwards with screen writer Roger Monk and director Tony Ayres. Edwards questions Monk and Ayres about the “long and windy road that became Walking on Water.” (D Edwards) We discover many interesting facts about the Porchlight Pty Ld 2002 film ‘Walking on Water’. This interview is a particularly interesting one as we are given small insights into both Monk and Ayres thoughts when hearing about their production process. The two laugh and have fun together and it is evident that Monk and Ayres have a great relationship. Ayres and Monk discuss their casting process. We discover why they cast Vince Colosimo for the leading male role, even though he in the past has usually done comedic roles and does not fit the stereotype of the character. Monk and Ayres discuss the themes of the film and whether or not they thought ‘Walking on Water’ could have been believable and produced when it was originally written in 1992. The interview is easy to read and understand and gives the reader a feeling of just ‘having a chat’ with the director and screen writer. The Blurb’s interview is published with few still images from the film that couple with the discussion undertaken in the piece. A quick and easy read that briefly lets us into the worlds of Roger Monk and Tony Ayres.
Synopsis David Edwards interviews Director Tony Ayres and Writer Roger Monk about creating their then current film 'Walking on Water.'
tags: 2002 film Director Walking on Water Porchlight Films Pty Ltd Roger Monk The Blurb Tony Ayres Vince Colosimo Walking on Water Walking on Water interview Writer Walking on Water 
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