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Reference Type web
Title Urban Cinefile
Chapter/Web article title Colosimo, Vince: Walking on Water
Author(s)Andrew. L,Urban Cinefile
State Unknown
Country Australia
Publication Date 26-09-2002
Citation Date 03-05-2012
Site URL
Comments Urban Cinefile provides the viewer with many resourceful and interesting articles about a range of films and actors. This interview undertaken by Andrew L Urban with actor Vince Colosimo discusses the aspects of Vince Colosimo's difficult role 'Charlie' in the 2002 film 'Walking on Water.' The article provides a brief insight as to why Colosimo was perfectly cast for the role. The interview is light-hearted and easy to understand. The interviews strongest aspect is how it shows Colosimo joking with Urban about themes of the film that are quite sensitive to discuss in day to day life. The online article is well written and provides the reader with a short synopsis of the film and engages the viewer to watch the film through the use of humour and Colosimo's 'down to earth' attitude. The article makes a brief reference to the director Tony Ayre and quotes him discussing Colosimo. The article’s target audience would be young adults. It’s commentary on the themes of the film would appeal to the young adults of today. The character ‘Charlie’ is a new role for Colosimo to portray and this article invites us into the insights of Colosimo and his character. The article also provides us with links to reviews of the film and the soundtrack which themselves are also great to read.
Synopsis An online article and interview with actor Vince Colosimo about his leading role in the 2002 film Walking on Water. The article also gives a brief synopsis of the film.
tags: Tony Ayres Urban Cinefile interview Vince Colosimo Vince Colosimo interview Walking on Water 
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