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Reference Type The Argus newspaper
Title New Hall of Talkies
Town Geelong
State VIC
Country Australia
Publication Date 09-11-1940
Citation Date
Page Number 5
Comments This article reveals important facts regarding when Sladen Hall began showing films or 'talkies'. The information gleaned from this news item supports the previous research that stipulated Sladen Hall was playing movies in 1945. Previous research showed that the Hall had a makeover in 1945 so this article supports that chronology. Sladen Hall was clearly screening films at this stage in 1945 but this news item shows that it had been doing so since September 1940. The Labor Ballet voting that took place at Sladen Hall in February of 1940 appears to have been before the venue started to screen films.

The news articles notes that the hall has been remodeled and 'fitted up for weekly talkie picture programmes'. The film hall was then officially opened by the mayor of Newton and Chilwell Cr. F.W. Stinton. This advertisement found in The Argus newspaper is intended to gain an audience for the new picture hall. The article also supports the idea that Sladen Hall was not designed to be a theatre for films and shows but was rather adjusted to meet the entertainment needs of the public.

tags: Cr. F.W. Stinton. 
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