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Reference Type web
Title ACMI
Chapter/Web article title Our History
Author(s)Australian Centre
State VIC
Country Australia
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Comments The Australian Centre for the Moving Image is the facility that the State Film Centre became in 2002. Reading through its extensive ‘Our History’ page is an ideal way to see where the State Film Centre, and State Film theatre began, how they progressed and evolved, and how they initially became the ACMI. Having such an extensive History section, the ACMI is clearly aware that there is an audience interested in its colorful and innovative past.

As the State Film Centre was so crucial and revolutionary for the Australian film industry, the information this history page provides is useful in seeing the basics of how that revolution took place, how the entire state of the industry was effected by the facility.

The History details how the State Film Theatre was created to showcase the more niche movies - such as unseen documentaries or educational films - that the Centre had stockpiled over the years. The Theatre acted as the vessel to watch these unique Australia films that weren’t screened in the commercial cinemas. It also lists a selection of classic Australian movies that the Centre archived that perhaps would have otherwise been lost forever.

The history page acts as genuine factual documentation of dates, times, changes, films and initiatives taken by the State Film Centre throughout its entire existence.
Synopsis The State Film Centre evolved into the Australia Centre for the Moving Image in 2002. This historical recount, from the ACMI itself, of the Centre, and the State Film Theatres is an accurate and thorough depiction of the facilities birth, life, and death.
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