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Reference Type Cinema Record journal
Title Cinema Record 38
Chapter/Web article title The Lawrence Brothers: Pictures Were Our Business - part one
Author(s)Jim Lawrence
Editor(s)Ian Hanson
Volume 4
Issue 38
State VIC
Country Australia
Publication Date 00-00-2002
Citation Date
Page Number 18-19
Comments Jim Lawrence recounts his time as the operator of Brunswick's Liberty Theatre among other cinemas. The two page article reveals personal recounts of Lawrence's time as the manager of various cinemas. CATHS (Cinema and Theatre Historical Society) releases the Cinema Records journal quarterly to it's subscribers. The journal contains articles about old and new cinemas in Australia, most prominently those in the Melbourne CBD. Cinema Records journals can be accessed at Melbourne's State Library of Victoria or at RMIT's Australian Film Institute Research Collection at the Melbourne campus.
Synopsis Jim Lawrence's article in Cinema Records issue 38 covers his own personal experiences as the operator or various cinemas, including Brunswick's own Liberty Theatre. CATHS Cinema Record contains countless articles on many of Australia's cinemas, old, new, abandoned and demolished.
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