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Reference Type Unknown
Title Preview invitation - The Agora
Issue 1981-09-22
Town Bundoora
State VIC
Country Australia
Publication Date
Citation Date 00-04-2012
Comments Located in Michael Torney's Office at LaTrobe, Bundoora, filed with other documents relating to The Agora Cinema is a rare invitation.

Students, teachers and historians should be interested in this rare document, as it fills in the story as to when The Agora Cinema opened to the public and how they advertised the opening night. This letter is from Michael Torney, and is inviting the receiver to a special preview on Wednesday 23rd September, the night before it opened to the public. Therefore, it can be assumed that Union members received these letters, along with key individuals in the planning of The Agora Cinema. The middle paragraph of the letter states, “On behalf of the President of the Union and Valhalla Cinemas, I would like to invite you and your guest to a special preview on Wednesday 23rd September”. Therefore, it is clear that all receivers of this invitation were able to bring a guest with them. The letter then goes on to explain that there will be "drinks and savouries" at 7:15pm, with the film starting at 8:00pm.

The letter states that the President of the Union as well as Valhalla Cinemas Manager (Ms. Sue Johnson) would love the recievers attendance. This illustrates from a business perspective how each professional fits into the picture (i.e. Michael Torney was the one to address the public).

This letter/invitation adds strong discussion to the topic of the planning, construction and operating days of The Agora Cinema. It is clear from the letter that the opening night was a huge celebration for LaTrobe University, so much so that they have a pre screening for key individuals. One can only imagine the relief and satisfaction that Union members experienced on this night, after such a long planning period (of many years). It is a very reliable and legitimate reference and, additionally, it is vital because it is proof as to when the cinema opened and how the Union celebrated. Anyone researching this topic should definitely make the trip to see Michael Torney in order to get a copy of this invitation.

Synopsis This invitation is a single page, documented into a folder with other relevant pieces on The Agora. It invites the reciever to attend a "special preview" the night before it opened to the public. It goes on to explain that "drinks and savouries" will be supplied and that the feature was the "new Franco Brusati film: To Forget Venice".

tags: Agora Invitation Michael Torney Opening night To Forget Venice Valhalla Cinemas 
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