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Reference Type web
Title Knox City Council
Chapter/Web article title Boronia - Introduction and Summary
Town Boronia
State VIC
Country Australia
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Comments Although this site does not have anything to do with cinema's or film per say, the significance of the information provided is very important. With the shutting down or changing owners of Electra Boronia so prolific reasons for this are questioned. The use of this website is to find out a little about Boronia the suburb itself and see if there are any factors using the suburb to find reasons for the cinemas past lack of popularity.

Using information provided such as population you can research how much of a local flavour the cinema brings, considering it is a community theatre. With a large population of the suburb today just over 20,000 this could be the reason for its recent success, considering the cinema has been running strong for just over ten years. The population may not have been as big in the venues early stages, forcing it to shut down due to lack of business.

This reference not only provides information about Boronia but also the whole City of Knox, which once again through the increasing population in other suburbs as well as development overtime, could have also been a factor to Electra's years of lack of business.

The site also provides important information such as transport routes, information about the train station (travelling to Boronia Electra, easy access) its development during specific times as well as an image of the area and city.

In summary this reference creates an important twist in factoring why or why not regarding the cinemas popularity issues, and creating facts and evidence for the cinemas shutting down and changing hands.
Synopsis This site provides an overview of the suburb Boronia, as well as the city of Knox. It gives detailed information about the suburb and what it has to offer.
tags: Boronia Knox City Population of Boronia 
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