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AFI research collection
Reference Type Examiner newspaper
Title Thieves in the Theater
Town Launceston
State TAS
Country Australia
Publication Date 16-10-1937
Citation Date
Page Number 8
Comments While it is a small blurb about an event that occurred in 1937; it provides further insight of the theater's importance, influence, and popularity in the neighborhood. It is from a newspaper in Tasmania who thought the story to be newsworthy enough to publish it even though it does not directly affect Launceston itself. Thus, they thought that even thought the audience is local; it was newsworthy enough to let the Tasmanians know. The article says that there were 4 performances on Saturday, which also give further evidence of the popularity and activeness of the theater. With a little bit of guesswork, one may be able to assume that the theater must have appeared to be successful to attract the attention of burglars in the first place. While this clip is not a large source of the history of the theater as a while, it is another historical tidbit of evidence that increases the individuals’ awareness of the theater and its dealings.
Synopsis Newspaper clipping. Two thieves believed to have hidden in theater until after film removed the theater safe, robbing a large portion of the weekends' profits. Hoyts couldn't give a comment on the amount of money stolen.
tags: Burglary Gardiner Hoyts Theatre Ltd 
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