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Reference Type The Argus newspaper
Title Socia Events: New Theater Opened
Town Melbourne
State VIC
Country Australia
Publication Date 24-09-1925
Citation Date
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Page Number 1
Comments This text is the first news source about the Regent Gardiner after it had opened. It is basically a press release and way to advertise as well as recap the new theater. This is the first piece that I found that hinted to me the community involvement of the Regent Gardiner due to of the community members present and the fact they donated their first sales to a charity. This piece is key in introducing the various directors and contributors to the theater. It mentions that Sir George Tallis is one of the directors of the venue, which explains a lot about the plan for the theater, as he was a very successful Australian theater entrepreneur along with Mr. John Tait, and Mr. F. W. Thring. It is most often listed as Hoyts theater because it was sold to them, but this article shows its original ownership in the Regent Franchise by Thring. It is also mentioned that the governor of Victoria was present. Therefore, it helps display the importance of the theater and the future hopes for it as a member of the Regent Theaters. It also lists numerous individuals who attended the opening performance and who after further research are important historical figures in the Malvern/Gardiner area.
Synopsis The Argus Thursday 24 September 1925

This article announces the opening of the Regent Gardiner. The opening was a charity event to raise money for a ill children's fund. The article goes on to list the participants, and those involved in helping raise money during the opening of the theater.

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