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Reference Type book
Title A Brief History of the Astor
Author(s)Florence, George
Town Melbourne
State VIC
Country Australia
Publication Date 00-00-2012
Citation Date
Synopsis This pamphlet gives a brief history of the Astor theatre, and is written by former owner and current proprietor George Florance. It discusses the Astor’s long history stretching back to 1894, when the site had originally been the home of stables. Sometime between 1908 and 1912, the location became the Diamond theatre, and here this spot in St. Kilda began its long history as a single screen cinema. The publication has a detailed discussion of the competition in the area, such as the Palais theatre in St. Kilda, the Victor (later known as the National Theatre) and the Windsor. It draws attention to the sale of the Astor in 1964 to Tanda Investments, a company owned by Stan Raft which operated 12 Greek Theatres in Melbourne. In 1982, Mr. Raft’s nephew purchased the theatre, and transformed it to what we recognise today. The article further discusses the Astor’s current status as the only single screen cinema in Melbourne, an “iconic theatre”. There is further information regarding the current owners of the theatre, St. Michaels Grammar, and the theatres live-in cat, Marzipan.
tags: Astor Theatre  George Florence 
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