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Reference Type web
Title 3AW
Chapter/Web article title Joel Edgerton joins Denis Walter
Town Melbourne
State VIC
Country Australia
Publication Date 23-04-2012
Citation Date 06-05-2012
Site URL
Comments The page contains a youtube clip of an interview with actor, Dennis Walter, and director, Kirean Darcy-Smith, about the upcoming movie, “Wish You Were Here.” Aside from hearing a synopsis of the film, Paul Harris brings up a point of how the audience can relate to one of the aspects of the film, vacationing and letting your guard down. He goes on to ask Walter and Smith about their progress in the film industry. Harris adds on to the story of their success by praising their production company, Blue Tongue Films, which he says is internationally respected and produced great short films such as The Square and Animal Kingdom that have done well at the Sundance Film Festival. By mentioning all this information, Harris captures the audience’s attention and subtly implies that the film is great watch. The interview ends with Paul Harris briefly mentioning, The Great Gatsby, which is a feature film starring Walter coming to cinemas this Christmas. This leaves the audience thinking about the movie. Thus, this is an example of how film critics influence its audience to see a particular film. The interview also mentions one of the tools that American filmmakers use that is not really utilized in Australia. American directors tend to show their product to a community and have them fill out a questionnaire. Then, the data is used to see if the film needs adjustments. Australian films do not normally go through this process and the trust is put into the hands of the filmmakers.
tags: Film Critic Interview Sundance 
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