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Reference Type picture
Title Lucky Miles: A Documentary by Don Hany (Video)
Chapter/Web article title Making Of Lucky Miles
Section Lucky Miles DVD
Volume Extra Features
State VIC
Country Australia
Publication Date 05-12-2007
Citation Date
Site URL
Page Number Disc 2
Comments This 60 minute documentary details the making of the film 'Lucky Miles'. It was filmed during the production of the feature film and features interviews with many of the cast and crew that worked on the film. It is a very useful tool in finding information about the creative process behind the film and gives insight into the thoughts of everyone involved on the production. It is of very high quality, and due to being included as an extra feature on the official DVD release of the film it can be seen as a very valuable and reliable tool in researching the production of the film. It provides an exploration of the sets and locations used on the film, as well as the creative decisions made on set by the cast and crew in order to achieve their vision and achieve the best possible result. As well as interviews with writer/director Michael James Rowland, the documentary contains interviews with producer Jo Dyer, lead actor Kenneth Moraleda, as well as Thorl Chea who acted as a consultant on the film after being a refugee himself. The documentary goes further than just the production side of the film, in including footage of festivals the film played at and awards it received it shows the critical success the film enjoyed upon its release. It is a beautifully shot film that shows all the different aspects of the creation of the film 'Lucky Miles'.

Synopsis A 60 minute documentary that explores the production of the film 'Lucky Miles', including interviews with both cast and crew as well as behind the scenes footage. It covers topics such as inspirations, issues, locations and casting.
tags: Behind the Scenes documentary Don Hany Lucky Miles Making Of Michael Rowland Refugee 
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