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Reference Type Unknown
Title At the Movies
Chapter/Web article title Dr Plonk Review
State Unknown
Country Australia
Publication Date 29-07-2007
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Comments This is a transcription of David Stratton’s review of Dr Plonk from At the Movies with Margaret and David.

In this review, Stratton lays out a generally favourable perception of Rolf De Heer’s silent film, praising his first foray into the genre, and most notably, praising Reg the dog. Stratton talks of being wary of the concept of a contemporary filmmaker attempting to re-create the silent film genre “because most contemporary filmmakers don’t know a lot about silent films and get them wrong.”. But reading on it’s clear that Stratton believes De Heer has come through. He remarks on the acting being a successful throw-back to the Chaplin era and cites the use of a hand-cranked camera as a key feature, bringing us right back to the classic silent film era.

This is a mostly positive review from David Stratton, who seems to have a lot of respect for Rolf De Heer and his first silent film, however he is critical of the film’s feature length.

“The only drawback to this beautifully made and very charming film is that it overstays its welcome.”

Stratton claims that if the film were shorter, it would’ve hit its mark better. But he wraps up the review on a positive note, as ambitious and funny, and of course, focuses the most praise on Reg the dog.

This review as with many reviews by Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton of At the Movies, is overly positive. Being a low-budget Australian film generally means it needs all the support it can get, and At the Moves will often give it to them. Having said that, this is an opinion piece and Stratton is completely entitled to his own opinion, but from a research perspective, this is not an entirely useful review. One may find more interesting responses in the comments listed below the transcription.

Synopsis In this transcription of David Stratton’s review of Dr Plonk, Stratton praises Rolf De Heer for his first foray into the silent film genre. He praises the “gifted actors” and creativity of using a hand-cranked camera, but is critical of the film’s feature length, claiming it “overstays its welcome”. Overall this is a positive review.
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