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AFI research collection
Reference Type web
Title RRR
Chapter/Web article title RRR FM (Filmbuffs)
State VIC
Country Australia
Publication Date
Citation Date 06-05-2012
Site URL
Comments The web page contains podcasts from the radio show, Film Buff’s Forecast, from October 20, 2010 to present day. Recent films and documentaries around the globe are reviewed. Interviews with actors and filmmakers are also heard on the show. Many of the films and documentaries discussed are not always films released in the cinema. This widens the audience’s knowledge of films outside the Australian box office. Harris and his colleagues do not necessarily critique the films in a negative light like one would see on film critic sites like It can be inferred that a majority of the audience of the Film Buff’s Forecast is an older generation. Most teenagers and adolescents do not particularly care for the analysis of and cinematography behind films or documentaries, i.e. themes and messages, which is done on the show. Rather they look to films for simply entertainment.
tags: Box Office Cinematography Radio 
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