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AFI research collection
Reference Type web
Title AFI
Chapter/Web article title The St Kilda Film Festival 2009: 26-31 May
State VIC
Country Australia
Publication Date 00-00-2009
Citation Date 06-05-2012
Site URL
Comments The article reveals Paul Harris’ outlook on short films. He describes the festival as a place to see the work of an “emerging generation of filmmakers.” Harris goes on to say that the issues brought forward in these shorts are not something reflected in feature films. Another interesting point he describes is the ability to make mistakes in short films. A poor feature film would be criticized and deemed a failure. As a highly regarded film buff and director of the festival, Harris’ feedback is respected. His audience in this role is the filmmakers of short films, thus the critiquing here is very different from dissecting a feature film. The response from these short films allows the makers to progress and make better films whereas a review directed towards a different audience, i.e. the general public, would allow them to make a decision on whether or not the film is worth seeing. The issue of poor box office sales of recent Australian movies is also mentioned. All of this information ties into how crucial film critics are to the industry.
tags: Feature Film Film Festival Short Film 
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