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Reference Type web
Title Sydney Morning Herald
Chapter/Web article title Walking on Water
Author(s)Paul Byrnes
Town Sydney
State NSW
Country Australia
Publication Date 26-09-2002
Citation Date 05-03-2012
Site URL
Comments Sydney Morning Herald’s reviewer Paul Byrnes provides the reader with a detailed and positive review of the 2002 Australian film ‘Walking on Water’ directed by Tony Ayres. Byrnes has nothing but good things to say about the film and he backs up his opinion with knowledge of the film industry. He highlights the themes evident in the film and discusses how they are wonderfully portrayed. Byrnes discusses the actor’s portrayal of the characters, particularly the performances of Vince Colosimo and Maria Theodrakis. The review is very well structured and is a light and easy read for those who want a quick review of the film. It is relatable and uses simple language.The review is coupled with an image of the leading characters which is very effective to the review. Byrnes captures the main ideas of the film and provides a well thought out insight to the films themes. Byrnes provides the viewer with some facts about the film and the director Tony Ayres which work well in his piece. This review is evidently targeted towards adults, who would also be the viewers of 'Walking on Water'.
Synopsis This is an online review by the Sydney Morning Herald reviewer Paul Byrnes of the 2002 Australian Film 'Walking on Water' directed by Tony Ayres. The review provides the reader with a brief synopsis and highlights effective aspects of the film.
tags: Maria Theodorakis Paul Byrnes Sydney Morning Herald Themes Walking on Water Vince Colosimo Walking on Water Review 
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