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Reference Type Unknown
Title Television - "Talking Heads"
Chapter/Web article title Interview with Graeme Blundell
State Unknown
Country Australia
Publication Date
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Comments This interview on Graeme Blundell by Peter Mitchell on the ABC programme ‘Talking Heads’ is a superb resource for Blundell’s life and film career. It is quite an insight into his personal life, including his family, and his artistic career in films and television.

The interviewer asks him about his experiences with director Tim Burstall, and the reality of the 1970’s production ‘Alvin Purple’ – Blundell gives an insight into how films such as ‘Alvin’ treated their actors, and little known (at the time) actors at that. He talks about the critics and viewers on ‘Alvin’ and the sexuality concerned with the film; this portion of the discussion is interesting to understand the way films were made and funded in Australia in the 1970’s.

He discusses his family life, what his family thought of his career and his colleagues. He also discusses how being in a film like ‘Alvin’ impacted his wife at the time and being Australia’s ‘joke’ sex symbol.

Blundell is also asked about the community of actors, writers and directors that resided in the La Mama theatre in Carlton, owned by Betty and Tim Burstall. He speaks about the censorship that was involved in the plays and films that the community were involved with, and his experiences with a county court in the audience when they had to review a play that was performed at the theatre because Blundell had been prosecuted for obscene language in a public area.

An in-depth interview with actor/producer/director/writer Graeme Blundell on the Australian television programme ‘Talking Heads with Peter Mitchell’. He is questioned about his life, his past acting career and political troubles in the 1970’s.
tags: Alvin Purple Betty Burstall Graeme Blundell La Mama Theatre Peter Mitchell Talking Heads Tim Burstall 
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