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AFI research collection
Reference Type The West Australian newspaper
Title Film makers solid vision of the future
Section uknown
Town uknown
State WA
Country Australia
Publication Date 13-04-1989
Citation Date
Comments An all rounded review that addresses many of the elements of independant filmaking; aesthetics, themes, historical content, and form, as well as providing details of funding and distribution methods used by hughes for his film. Discussions about the process underwent to obtain funding provides some reflection of possibilities available to other independant flmmakers. The Discussion about hughes' individual perceptions of the Australian Film industry and te boundaries encasing the documentary form provides a new dialect to the theories of conventions of documentary, and the impact this new theory has on established industry routines. (Monica.C)
Synopsis Hughes is labelled a radical filmmaker for his choice in futuristic subject matter in 'All that is solid', a film which he overviews to be a commetary of possible futuristic scenarios of a post industrial Australian society, in relation to restrictions upon an independant art culture. Funding methods are included in the revew for the film to re-affirm hughes' intentions to persuade industry institutions to alter appraoches to independant filmmaking. Exhibition details are provided, with emphasis on the exhibition reaching galleries in perth. In conjunction with the release 'All that is solid', details about screenings of other films by hughes that adress similar subject matter are included as complimentary to the promotion of 'All that is solid'. (Monica.C)
tags: Conventions of Documentary Cultral Restrictions Dialectic Distribution Futuristic Independant Film-making Political Examination Radical Film-making Social Commentary Subject Matter Thematic Content 
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