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AFI research collection
Reference Type Unknown
Title Stork Interview
State VIC
Country Australia
Publication Date 00-00-2007
Citation Date 05-05-2012
Comments An excellent resource from the minds and knowledge of many of Australia’s most important figures in the film and theatre industries during the 1960’s and 70’s. It is an ‘extras’ option on the DVD for Tim Burstall’s film ‘Stork’ and includes many interviews with Tim Burstall and the people who made Stork.

The beginning of the film includes information on the creation of the ‘La Mama’ theatre, owned by Burstall’s wife, Betty Burstall. It is a particularly important piece of information on what impact the theatre had on the up and coming stars of the time, including writers and actors. It is described by the Burstall’s and writer David Williamson as an opportunity for up and coming writers to submit their ideas to the theatre and have a chance to have them made into plays. The story gives a understanding of the film industry at the time in the 1970’s, where filmmakers such as Burstall were not able to completely fund a feature film, and as Robin Copping says, the people involved in the making of the film had to “put in what we could.” Showing the lack of funding in the film industry at the time. The interviews also reflect the deficiency of films coming out of Australia that existed during that time, the creation of Australian ‘ocker’ comedies, and how figures such as Tim Burstall contributed to the beginning of the new wave of Australian cinema.

Also following the film industry history of the 1970’s in Australia, is a fascinating insight into the advertising of the film Stork and how audiences received Australian films at the time – also focusing on how Australian comedies ‘copied’ successful overseas film traits in order to stop audiences from emphasising that it was an Australian film.

This ‘extra’ is a fantastic resource for the history of Australian ‘ocker’ comedies and the Australian film industry in the 1970’s.

Synopsis A series of interviews with actors, writers and film personalities as ‘extras’ on the DVD of Tim Burstall’s film Stork. It includes the making of Stork and Betty Burstall’s involvement through her theatre ‘La Mama’.
tags: 1970's Betty Burstall David Williamson Robin Copping Stork Tim Burstall 
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