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Reference Type newspaper
Title The Australian Newspaper
Chapter/Web article title Pioneer Honoured with Fellowship
State Unknown
Country Australia
Publication Date 14-07-2011
Citation Date
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Comments This article by Michaela Boland pays tribute to Natalie Miller and her involvement in the Australian Film Industry. Natalie Miller is introduced not only as a successful film distributor and exhibitor but also as a mother of three who over the years has acclaimed love and support from many people within the industry. Boland revisits Miller’s idea to set up a film distribution business that began when she hired out the Palais Theatre in St Kilda and screened Luis Bunuel’s ‘The Exterminating Angel.’ According to Boland this marks the ‘blockbuster start to [Miller’s] business Sharmill Films.’ Miller’s success is recognised throughout the film industry, with her award of the Medal of the Order of Australia in 2001, marking a public recognition of her efforts.

The article focuses on the dinner hosted by Jeanne Pratt in 2011 honoring Miller’s success. According to Boland close to one hundred industry professions attended the occasion to lend their support and appreciation. Miller success represents particular significance for women in the industry, proving that it is possible for women to hold senior roles.

The night was also intended to establish the ‘Natalie Miller Fellowship’ that was designed to inspire and encourage ‘any woman to identify what could help them achieve their career goals.’ The article identifies the $250,000 target set by the Fellowship which will see $10,000 a year paid to any woman who believes they can use the money to pursue a business idea. Sincere comments from Miller’s friends have been included in the piece and represent her unduly effect on their lives and the lives of others. Miller’s guiding audience taste is credited through her art-house films and pioneering for digital projection and finishing of films. It shows Miller’s overwhelming support and recognition of success as one of the most influential and inspiring figures within the Australian Film Industry.

Synopsis This article covers the honorary dinner held on behalf of Natalie Miller to celebrate her achievements within the Australian Film Industry
tags: Art house film Medal of the Order of Australia The Exterminating Angel 
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