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Reference Type journal
Title The Melbourne Review
Chapter/Web article title Profile: Natalie Miller
Town Melbourne
State VIC
Country Australia
Publication Date 02-04-2012
Citation Date
Site URL
Comments The Melbourne Review features a profile on Natalie Miller. The writer talks about Miller’s career journey, from a school student right through to her distributing days with Sharmill Films. This profile is of particular relevance when gauging a sense of Miller’s experience within the film industry and in particular where her love and passion for film has arisen. In the piece Miller acknowledges that much of her motivation to distribute and exhibit films came from her work as a publicity director for the Melbourne Film Festival. There Miller notes seeing some of the most incredible films which she believed deserved release outside of the festival.

Sharmill Films, founded by Miller is regarded as one of the most successful independent film distribution companies in Australia. The writer focuses particularly on the Cinema Nova, which Miller along with Barry Peak co manages. The profile suggests that Miller has enjoyed and continues to enjoy her work, acknowledging that the cinema is run with passion and a great love for film. The Cinema Nova has been designed to represent this passion, through its unusual architectural designs, boutique style service and quality arthouse films.

The article goes on to recognise Miller’s excitement for the future of film, especially in regard to technological developments such as HD and 3D. Miller attributes her motivation and work ethic to her upbringing in a family business environment, which she acclaims, has inspired her to work hard at something she loves. The piece goes on to discuss Miller’s wide scope of support for not only Australian films but for international films as well, which here distribution and exhibiting roles allow her to support. Miller mentions some of her favourite European directors and identifies her love for the Cannes Film Festival, where competition thrives. This piece appears to be well written and extensively researched, including comments from Natalie Miller herself. It is of great use to those who wish to better understand Natalie Miller’s success and her involvement in the distribution of foreign language and arthouse films.
Synopsis Miller's life is discussed to show how she came to be so successful in the film industry. The profile also looks at where her motivation and inspiration comes from
tags: Cannes Film Festival Cinema Nova Sharmill Films 
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