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Reference Type Unknown
Title Warrnambool Standard News
Chapter/Web article title Aussie filmmaker dazzles Hollywood
Town Warrnambool
State VIC
Country Australia
Publication Date 11-10-1995
Citation Date
Page Number 6-7
Comments This article is a great way of understanding Moorhouse as a director amongst other female directors in the American film industry. It highlights the struggles for women to make it big in America and also captures an understanding of women in the Australian film industry. It helps us grasp an idea of why Moorhouse was chosen in the first place by Steven Spielberg and also gives us an insight into what the actors and actresses think of Moorhouse when they are working on set with her. It also delves into Moorhouse’s personal life and her feelings as a director and the move to America to pursue her dreams. This piece then confers also confers to recognise why Moorhouse may not have made it in the film industry because of the stigma that is attached to it; film is a ‘man’s world’. It highlights other female film professional’s perspective on this.
Synopsis This article is about Moorhouse and other female directors and producers tackling the American film industry and the strive for success. It outlines Moorhouse’s journey with her first movie, ‘How to Make an American Quilt’ but then travels down the line of other female directors and producers, actors and actresses and their thoughts on Moorhouse. It also turns our eye to Moorhouse’s personal life in the film industry and the struggles it possesses.
tags: Anne Bancroft Gillian Armstrong How To Make an American Quilt Steven Spielberg Winona Ryder 
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